Along the lines of Peter Benoit, deSingel and the conservatory extend through the time to ‘an international art campus’. It is an ambitious project that intend to offer a space where art is not only shown, but also teached and produced. To fulfill this role an extension of the infrastructure was necessary more than once.

Grand Café deSingel - RestaurantArchitect Léon Stynen realised the campus in cooperation with Paul De Meyer. The unit got a timeless architectural radiation. The building grows, changes and adapts through the years without losing its individuality.

Stéphane Beel Architecten was commisioned with the last expansion of 12.000 m2 extra space. The work lasts from 2007 untill 2010. The new development accomodates offices for deSingel and the Flemish Architecture Institute as well as rooms for the training of podium arts (dance, drama, music) of the College. The transparant box (or glass connecting piece) contains public functions, including a multimedia reading room and the Grand Café.

Grand Café deSingel
Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 155
2018 Antwerpen