The menu contains several classic dishes. You can find our snacks on the spot in the brasserie menu. Furthermore we serve season bound suggestions.

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healthy and delicious

Superfood salad: quinoa maki rolls, avocado, broccoli, salted almonds, roasted pumpkin kernels, hemp seed, pomegranate 17,50
Fig carpaccio, feta crumbs, pine kernels, olive oil, basil, rocket, vintage balsamic vinaigrette 15,50
Zucchini/halloumi patties, fresh salad with quinoa, sour cream with lime 14,90


Marinated and smoked mackerel, fennel salad, dill, radish, cucumber, avocado, lemon/thyme oil 15,50
Vitello tonnato 16,50
Crispy veal sweetbreads, caramelized chicory, goose liver sauce 19,90
Homemade croquettes of parmesan 9,50 / 14,00
Homemade croquettes of Ostend grey shrimps 10,50 / 16,00


Thai beef, oriental salad with soy sprouts, bell pepper, edamame, mango, roasted peanuts and coriander 15,20 / 22,80
Homemade falafels, mixed salad with grilled sweet bite pepper, marinated chickpeas, delicate green beans, tabouleh, houmous, Raz el Hanout/curry vinaigrette 13,50 / 19,50
Tomato & shrimps: carpaccio of "Coeur de boeuf" tomato, tomato varieties, Ostend grey shrimps, lettuce heart, parsley oil and cocktail sauce 18,50 / 26,50
Tandoori chicken shreds, crispy salad, apple, cucumber, roasted sesame, spicy yoghurt dressing with ginger 14,50 / 20,50

fresh pasta e basta!

Spelt ravioli, ratatouille, eggplant & black olive tapenade, yellow zucchini cream, lukewarm tomato vinaigrette 19,00
Open lasagne, seasonal vegetables, basil sauce 19,90

main courses

Belgian white/blue fillet mignon, mixed salad - green pepper cream / béarnaise / parsley butter 25,00
Fillet of 100% Duroc pork with pistachio crumble, baby vegetables, oven roasted potatoes 26,80
Beef stew prepared with brown “Leffe” beer, Brussels endives salad 19,50
“Belgian white/blue” beef tartare with mixed salad 20,50
Pan fried salmon fillet crusted with herbs, green vegetables, potato mash with olive oil and capers 24,00


Brownie & Blondie: chocolate & hazelnut brownie, caramel & apricot blondie, salted caramel, vanilla icecream 9,50
Blueberry cheesecake: cheesecake with white chocolate and blueberries 9,50
Fresh melon & strawberry: tartare of melon, strawberry, crispy celery, ginger, peppermint 9,50
Crème brûlée 9,00
Dessert “deSingel”: Brownie, melon & strawberry tartare, crème brûlée 10,00
Grand Café deSingel
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2018 Antwerpen